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  1. S01E01
    This show covers texting taking over our lives from family and the social issues it causes. Also covered is texting and driving and the results of it. . Steve Winwoods New CD is covered. In gadgets the NOKE ulock is discussed, a revolutionary padlock device for school, work, home & gym. As an app we discuss the REVO Uninstaller, an app that helps you keep your computer clean and efficient. My own pet peve is discussed on this in regards of returning shopping carts where they go, thus helping out that part time temp or helper at your local grocery store.
  2. S01E02
    This show covers Autism teens dealing with employment. NASCAR updates, New CD release from Demi Levato, Face book and it's impact on work, home, and social disorder. the facebook section also covers Hackers and Lifejacking within facebook and how it's used today. New tech gadgets such as the security cameras from Joolan / Danale.
  3. S01E03
    Remembering the 70's and how simpler time it was. Music of Casey Donahew including his new release. The invention of "SensaLife" a child car seat telling you that the child was left in the car. The Movie "IT" by Stephen king .
  4. S01E04
    The show starts with Fast Food restaurant service from fast to slow and accuracy of primary fast food restaurants. The movie "Happy Death Day" is reviewed but also I discuss how to save money at the movies. On a hacking stand point I cover "Pwned" . This is a site that discusses if someone used your info and now is spamming you, after that I explain a creative password to ward off hackers. Next is the Debit card for called "Current". an excellent starter debit card letting you in control of all of their spending. We discuss the dice game "LCR" which stands for Left, Center. We use money instead of player chips.
  5. S01E05
    This episode deals with cleaning of the home, from spouse to you and also how to make your own detergent from laundry to dishwasher. Work life balance between North America and other countries, of who has the best? Your home budget & financing and how to get it under control and how to stay in control. Automatic Pet Doors, by letting your pet take themselves out when they want.
  6. S01E06
    This show will cover the "Bidet" and its impact world wide and where America is...ha ha...behind. America needs to look at this home invention as a savings, long and sort term. es we cover Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency and the negative impact that it will endure. This segment will discuss the positive side of cryptography and it's future potential including possible stock ventures. (Responsibility is on the shareholder, and playing the market is a gamble). NASCAR 2018 update., including tracks and drives, chiefs and teams. And an easy family sausage recipe.
  7. S01E07
    This show is our Valentines Day special covering the music from Anderson East, Apps, Gadgets and the stats behind the LOVE holiday.
This show spotlights the comedian Heather Land and her SnapChat comedy. Also is a recipe for ChefBoyardee lasagna. The app Life360 for Android and iphone giving you a sense of security for all of your friends and family. On the technology and gadget side i discuss the new One Hand watch, who needs the minute hand anymore? Also covered is Resume writing and the advantages of LinkedIn 
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TORNADO WARNINGS! and their impact past and present, I explain it all so be READY!  Autism and teens getting ready to drive and how to help them achieve that goal. Elton John artist compilation of Pop and Country with the new releases of Restoration and Revamp CD's. Too Coo!


This show spotlights The FEMMES of ROCK featuring the Bella String. These girls are not only beautiful but extremly talented by jamming out on classic rock of today and yesteryear using violins. WOW!.  Also we discuss Shaving Savings and keeping that razor sharp and money in your pocket. Dakoda's debut on the Walking Dead series. an if you have a firestick orany other wireless streaming device I discuss the Ugreen device which wires that wirles device diectly to the modem, thus reducing that nasty buffering issue. Enjoy the show!